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McFarland, 2015.​

​I am a fourth year PhD candidate in the Victorian Studies program at Loyola University Chicago's English Department. Additionally I hold a Master's Degree in English from LUC with a concentration in Early Modern Drama and a BA in English and History from the University of Georgia. 

In 2016 I co-founded The Loyola University Chicago Victorian Society (LUCVS) and its Day Conference with fellow Victorian Ph.D students in the English Department. In spring 2018, I will be teaching a course at LUC on class tensions in the Victorian novel. Currently, I am co-chair of the Dickens Society Communications Committee.

​Areas of interest include Creative Writing, Dickens Studies, Digital Humanities, Dramatic Theory, Early Modern Drama, Fiction, Poetry, Textual Studies, and Victorian Studies​​.


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Lydia Craig

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“Pinero’s “Erotometer”: A Gyrating Theatre Puppet and Moral Outrage in the Edwardian Press” at the 43rd Comparative Drama Conference in Orlando, FL. 4-6 April 2019. ​​

“Unplaceable Upstarts: Banishing the Class-shifter in Dickens’s Fiction" at the 24th Annual Dickens Symposium at Salt Lake City, Utah. 26-28 July 2019.

​"@GE_Jaggers in 280 characters: Exploring Repressions in the Great Expectations Readalong" on the Dickens Society Sponsored Panel "Neo-Dickens for a New Audience: Reading, Watching, and Teaching Dickens in the 21st Century" at the 50th NeMLA Conference in Washington D.C. 22 March 2019.

​"The Devastating Impact of The Lord Wharton Bible Charity in Wuthering Heights" for the The Brontë Society at Brontë 200: Emily Brontë Bicentenary Conference in York, England. 9 September 2018.

​​"The Emotive Possibilities of Sensory Disability in American Notes and “Doctor Marigold”" at the 23rd Annual Dickens Symposium in Tübingen, Germany. 1 August 2018.

"Dickens Piecemeal: Revising Authorial Biography in Oak Park Festival’s A Dickens Carol" at the 42nd Comparative Drama Conference in Orlando Florida. 7 April 2018. 

​"Pickwick in the Essex Pound: Class Tensions in Wat Tyler’s County" at the 22nd Annual Dickens Symposium: Interdisciplinary Dickens, at College of General Studies, Boston University in Boston, MA. 15 July 2017.

​"Silver the Parrot: Stevenson’s Marxist Allegory of Unclaimed Wealth and Class Mobility" at the conference "Robert Louis Stevenson: New Perspectives" at Edinburgh Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland, 6 July 2017.